My Amazing Nieces

These girls take my breath away. Holly, Paige and Summer are my nieces and such wee stunners but more to the point I'm getting to see them grow up into incredible young woman. I have shot quite a few projects with them since they were little, letting me dress them up and order them around for a whole afternoon. These latest school holidays we decided to go for a vikings, forest, boho, victorian styled shoot.  One of their buddies Ella got roped in and between pouring rain , glitter puddles and buckets of muddy feet we had the best time together. A special thanks to my epic sister for making us laugh with her awesome singing and being the best talcum powder aka smoke machine maker I could ask for.  Love you girls forever !

Kirsty & Beau

I didn't know Kirsty well when I first moved to Melbourne 12 months ago. I meet her at a friends wedding and we chatted so easily, her Scottish accent igniting long forgotten memories of my spiritual homeland. I soon found out she was pregnant and we organised to do a preggy shoot in her home with her cute wee daughter Lucinda. In early December 2014 Kirsty went into labour but at the same time she also starting having seizures. Kirsty was rushed to hospital and gave birth to her beautiful little girl Keira. Her amazing husband Beau by her side Kirsty doesn't recall any of her labour. Unfortunately the terrible seizures were due to a brain tumour. 4 weeks later I came to their home again. Kirsty was going into hospital for brain surgery the next day and we decided no matter what we needed to get these photos. I new everyone was terrified about the next day, I new how much these photos would mean but I also new we should have lots of fun together. With Keira finally letting a river of poo go after many days of being ' blocked up ' we roared with laughter and tears. Kirsty is still here, she is the strongest women I know. To go through everything she has in the last year and still make everyone around her laugh through such a crazy situation takes my breath away. She is the shiniest star on this planet and Im forever grateful to know this  gorgeous, hilarious and courageous woman. She also has her own blog; it called Tumerd